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Sometimes Life Stinks

As a little girl, I loved fairy tales and exciting action stories. The good guy (or girl) has cool gadgets, incredible adventures, and always wins in the end. In those stories, there is always a hardship to overcome or a quest to pursue. The more the hero fought, the louder the cheers when he reached his goal.

I wanted to live in the fairy tale world, because I led a secret life. No one knew what happened outside my safe, loving Christian home—the molestation by a babysitter, the attacks, the rape, and other very negative incidents. I refused to acknowledge the trauma to others or myself. I moved into adulthood and the difficulties continued with divorce, being stalked, sexually harassed at work, cancer, the death of friends and loved ones, eleven years of chronic illness due to Lyme Disease with a bevy of strange medical diagnoses, seven surgeries and numerous hospitalizations.

In 2006, while fighting Lyme disease, I had been tethered to an intravenous PICC-line delivering antibiotics directly to my heart for 137 days. Then a raging fever signaled a blood infection. Packed in ice packs from head to toe, I whimpered in bed as my tears turned into a full-fledged pity party.

Hyperventilating and desperate, I speed-dialed a friend. She prayed and talked with me until I could compose myself. Then she told me basically that my life really stunk.

I broke out in laughter. Because I was used to Christian platitudes, verses, and the pat on the arm with an off-the-cuff “I’ll pray for you.” There were even some judgmental people who said my faith must be too small or I would be healed. My friend’s comment turned my pity party into a joy party. Because it’s true—life at times does stink!

My friend delivered no judgment, no platitudes, just the plain truth. Ah, so refreshing! And the wonderful thing I’ve found is even when horrible things happen, God’s love never fails. There is no pain too deep, no life that stinks too much, for God’s gentle, healing, restoring, redeeming touch. Even when the enemy has made our lives a horrible stinking mess, our Heavenly Father’s love is stronger and His power is mightier. There is nothing too hard for Him to redeem or restore.

My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me." And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming" (Psalm 27:8, NLT).

God’s beckoning call is so wonderful, His love is so amazing, and His presence such a blessing!

Lisa Buffaloe is a happily-married mom, author and speaker, currently living in Tennessee. When she’s not writing, she enjoys working in her yard and exploring God’s beautiful nature. Author of nine books, Lisa shares God’s unending love—that through Him we can find healing and restoration and truly live joyfully free.

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