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Yew to You: My 15 Minutes Are Up

During my years of writing this column, I have tried to be totally honest with my readers. I have shared my point of view about the world, the church, the Bible and the Christian life. Through many personal experiences and observations, I have shared with you what I have learned and what I believe to be important.

I will do the same in this last column.

Yes, this will be my last time to write this column.

No, I am not leaving Chinese Christian Mission. I simply believe that I should make room for others to have the same privilege of sharing with you that I have had. In fact, I expressed my wishes to the Challenger editor two years ago and she only recently granted my request. I am grateful for her understanding. Please understand that this has not been a hasty decision and that there are no politics involved whatsoever.

I believe in making room for others–especially those who have the potential to ride the next wave of leadership and ministry. My conviction is based upon my observations of the lives and ministries of ministers, lay leaders and upon my understanding of the Scriptures.

Even though my record is far from perfect, I do believe that those of us who profess to serve the Lord must put our ministries above our personal interests. To borrow from the imagery of John 15 about branches and fruits, I would say nobody cares if the branches are straight or crooked, short or long, thin or thick. What is important is what kind of fruit they are bearing. If a tree is to keep on bearing fruit, it needs to have new branches.

In the Old Testament, the Levites are set aside to serve the Lord. A Levite remains a Levite for life but his term of active service is limited to twenty years from the time he is thirty to the time he is fifty.* In other words, we should be witnesses for life but our particular area of service may change from time to time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this column throughout the years. Many of you have written or spoken to me in person to encourage and thank me. My greatest fan is my wife, Maryann, who encouraged me and is reluctant to see me stop. Without your prayers and support, I would not have lasted this long.

May God continue to use you and bless you.

*Numbers 4:3,21,30,35,43,46

Rev. Wally Yew is Ministry Ambassador of CCM.
E-mail: wyew@ccmusa.org

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