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短宣行程 見證分享 申請表格 |

  • 必須是重生得救、靈命成熟的基督徒。
  • 必須有宣教負擔。
  • 必須有適應新環境和異文化的能力,有團隊合作的精神。
  • 必須有本地教會事奉的經驗(如個人佈道、門徒訓練、帶領查經等)。
  • 必須得到所屬教會的牧師或傳道人推薦。
  • 必須持有被認可的護照,美國和加拿大護照尤佳,有效期起碼至離工場日期後六個月。
STM Schedule Testimonies Application |

Qualifications of STM member:
  • You must be a born again, spiritually mature Christian.
  • You must have a burden for mission.
  • You must be able to adapt to new environment and culture, and have a team-work spirit.
  • You must have local church ministry experience (e.g. personal evangelism, discipleship, leading Bible study etc.).
  • You must be recommended by your pastor or minister.
  • You must have a valid passport, preferably US or Canadian, which will not expire at least six months after the returning date.