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Desmond Ma

March 2018

Dear Friends,

Life is a passage of making choices! We face many decisions during our journey, some are good, some are bad, some are right, some are wrong, some are happy, and some are painful. No matter what happens, our lives go on, but with what purpose? 2017 has long gone, even the Lunar New Year for the Year of Dog has passed already! Did you make a resolution or wishes for 2018? Would you prefer to make another resolution instead of the first one? It is your choice too! Again, the choice must have a purpose; living without a goal is meaningless. So what is your calling from God this year? Ironically, the path may not be our choice, but sometimes we made it our choice. There are many things in this world that we did not choose, but the result has been dominated. This is not because we have no choice. We can choose to take it and walk with God in all his goodness and excellence.

In 2018, God gives us a vision for the Chinese young adult ministry. We will dedicate more time to have meetings with the Chinese young adults. To prepare for this ministry, we are looking for a new church location so that we can arrange more meetings at different time with different group to accommodate their different needs. In the past two years, we have rented a local church for our Sunday meeting. The new location will continue to serve as a worship place for our brothers and sisters. It can also allow non-believers to have a gathering location, where they can meet and relax, chat, entertain, and certainly eat together. We hope that this location will become the young adults’ hangout location, from there, we can have more opportunities to evangelize them and start to making a difference. God is a promising God and just like in the past, when we step forward with our faith to follow God’s plan, God will do His part. We are so thankful to God that He prepared a desirable place for our Sunday regular meeting, and the spot for our young-adults. I hope everyone will find love, joy and peace in God through this place, and ultimately a transformation into a Christ life.

Good Friday in Belize is a public holiday, which no shops are allowed to open. All the Chinese shop owners and workers can rest and have a day off! Our Church organized a pool party in Cayo for our fellowship on Good Friday. Thank God that we have almost 30 attendees including eight new comers. Everyone enjoyed the party and had a great sharing time. We hope to continue to build up our relationship between our kins through these types of events.

As a pastor, the best reward from God is knowing that brothers and sisters are growing in our Lord. I had been sick for more than two weeks in the beginning of the year, and the brothers and sisters delivered every meal at my door during my sickness. I can really feel that they are showing God’s love through their care and love with actions, and they practice the Bible teaching through their daily life. A new believer also told me “Now, I am really looking forward for every Sunday afternoon so that I can come to worship our God and fellowship with brothers and sisters.” “I learn more through the meetings and the sharing from brothers and sisters, and I really enjoy every moment.” Based on all these, I have nothing more to ask from God besides this wonderful joy and love that God has given me.

Prayer Request:

  1. Thank God that He prepared a desirable place for our Sunday regular meeting, and this place can serve as a starting point for our new young-adult ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters to grow spiritually and in numbers.
  3. For May and June, there will be two short-term mission teams coming, please pray for their preparation and spirit. May God continue to use and bless them because of their commitment and willingness to serve God.


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3