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Death, Heaven, and Angels!

A True Story of Dr. Mary Neal's Spiritual Journey
from Death to Life Again*

When Dr. Mary Neal realized she was pinned in a waterfall, trapped in her kayak, lodged beneath a second up-sided kayak in the Fuy River in the Lake District of Chili, her thoughts went to her husband and four young children. In that moment she did what she had always done—she reached for God and asked for his intervention. But she did not demand his rescue. She knew that God loved her and her only desire was that God’s will be done.

She explains, “The moment I turned to Him, I was overcome with an absolute feeling of calm, peace, and of the very physical sensation of being held in someone’s arms while being stroked and comforted. I knew with certainty that I was being held by Jesus, and he took me through a short review of my life. I was shown events in my life, not in isolation, but in the context of their unseen ripple effects. I was able to see clearly that every action, every decision, and every human interaction impacts the bigger world in far more significant ways than we can ever appreciate.”

Rev. Thomas Wang, founder of CCM, finished his race on earth and went home to be with the Lord on Jan. 4, 2018. Please pray for Mrs. Wang, their family and friends during this time of mourning for the physical separation.   Memorial service by CCM worldwide>>


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