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CCM Vision

The Passing of the Vision

There are 1.3 billion Chinese in Mainland China and over 70 million Chinese overseas. For every five people or three non-believers in the world, there is one Chinese. Because of this, Chinese Christian Mission was founded in Detroit in October 1961. Our vision is to pool together the strength of Chinese churches and Christians all over the world so that through various channels we may reach our kinsmen with the good news that God loves the world.

The Startegy to Fulfill the Vision

"Reaching the Chinese to Reach the World" is our strategy to spread the Gospel. First, sharing the Gospel with the Chinese in the mission fields, then reaching out to the local people respectively. Chinese Christian Mission was founded in 1961 using literature to spread the Gospel. Today it has developed into a multi-faceted missions organization reaching the unreached through different channels.

The Distinctives of the Mission

CCM is a non-denominational Chinese faith mission. We actively seek the cooperation of evangelical churches and other agencies to reach the Chinese to reach the world. Our finances depend entirely on the support of various churches and individual believers as they are moved to give by the Lord.