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Brief History of CCM

Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) consists of a group of dedicated Chinese Christians. We follow the Lord Jesus Christ' command to reach the world with the gospel, through literature, broadcasting, and sending missionaries. Jesus Christ is our Commander in Chief and we stress to work with churches and Christians of same burden to bring the gospel to all nations.

During his early years of itinerary evangelistic ministry in Europe, CCM founder Rev. Thomas Wang received this vision from the Lord, "You will serve your kinsmen with a fervent heart. He consequently came to the U. S. to study in a seminary in 1958. After graduation in 1961, he rented a garage in Detroit, Michigan for twenty five dollars a month to started a four-man prayer meeting. God gave them the vision to spread the gospel by publishing litearture. In October, 1961 Rev. Wang established the Chinese Christian Mission, a inter-denominational organization.

CCM founder Rev. Thomas Wang learnign to print the Chinese Christian Today The first Chinese Christian Today published in English in Feb. 1962. Rev. Wang spent several weeks in a print shop to learn the trade of printing. Working with an used press donated by brothers and sisters, he labored three days and nights to publish the first issue of Chinese Christians Today (printed in English at first). A group of devoted volunteers came on weekends to help with binding and mailing. The free magazine was very well received, and readership topped four thousand by the second and third issues. Due to the tremendous needs, Rev. Wang's fiancee Rachael spent her wedding money, six hundred dollars in all, for an addressing machine.

Chinese Christian Today changed to Chinese in March 1962. By popular request of readers since the first English issue of Chinese Christians Today, CCM quickly changed to publish the Chinese Christian Monthly in Chinese in March the same year (Picture on right is the first issue). The readership reached seven thousand, more than half in Hong Kong, in the first year.

As the ministry developed and need of Chinese increased, CCM Taiwan was established in Taipei in November, 1961. Following, CCM Hong Kong was established in 1965, then CCM Philippines in 1970, CCM Singapore in 1977, CCM Canada (Vancouver) in 1981, both CCM Macau and CCM Australia in 1993, and CCM New Zeland in 2010.

After fifty years of serving, CCM has developed into a multi-faceted mission organization from a humble literature ministry. Our strategy is reaching the Chinese to reach the world, by sending missionaries to the Chinese to bring them the gospel in their language, and equip believers to reach the local ethnic groups.